The awkward Calum Chambers interview

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chambers_3214816Recently I was invited to go down to Wembley to see the unveiling of the new England football kit and interview one of the players, Arsenal and England International Calum Chambers. After a long day in Cheltenham the day before and with a stack load of work to do in the shop, I asked the PR guy if I could settle for an interview over the phone and use some of their press images. Not a problem he said.


Leading up to the interview I was implicitly told that I could only ask questions about the football kit, and the England team. No club questions, no relationship questions or anything else outside that remit. The goal posts had been set, if you pardon the pun. Not only that, but I had to forward the questions on ahead of time in case of, well actually I don’t know what in case of.


So I forward on the list of about ten questions. The PR guy straight away strikes off the one about gambling. I research Calum Chambers for about 5 minutes, find out he’s far from being a shoe-in for selection, and that he’s been in and out of the Arsenal side all season through injury. I was told I had fifteen minutes for this interview and was cut off after seven. To be honest I limped to seven minutes, it was like a horrible speed date. This isn’t Calum’s fault, he can only talk about the kit and he wasn’t allowed to elaborate on any of the questions I asked him about selection. By the time I had started talking about Over the Top with Sylvester Stallone, the PR girl stepped in and called time. It was a mercy killing, like a trainer throwing in the towel saying enough’s enough. Like a fighter without any grit or backbone, I didn’t quibble the decision or beg to continue. I was beat up, and was ready to get out of there. In the words of Apollo, ‘ain’t gunna be no rematch, ain’t gunna be no rematch‘. Catch the full interview in its desperate glory below.

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